The United Arab Emirates is known for its spectacular, grand mosques with detailed architecture. However, this new mosque in Sharjah is a cut above the rest, bringing back the simplicity of an era bygone.

The Sultan Bin Abdullah Bin Majid Al Owais Mosque, inaugurated by His Highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Muhammed Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah on January 10 this year, is a stunning marvel.Bringing the past to the present, every miniscule detail of the beautiful mosque reflects an ancient time.Ceiling crafted from wooden logs, date palm fronds

The ceiling is constructed from wooden logs and pieces of fronds of date palms, polished to offer a vivid and vibrant appearance, reminiscent of ancient craftsmanship.Old lanterns illuminate space
Old lanterns hang in various locations, both inside and outside the mosque, creating a perfect blend of colors and illumination that echoes the charming past.Veranda: A space for relaxation, learning
A special empty space is designed just outside the main prayer area, reminding of a time when people would gather to relax, share Islamic values, and impart knowledge, including Quran teachings.
Walls made of mud, limestone, coral stones
The walls are constructed with hardened mud, limestones, and beautiful coral stones. From the outside, the arrangement of stones forms a uniform structure, while inside, the walls are plastered with mud and painted with rugged paint, showcasing detailed structural planning.Shelves carved within the walls
Special shelves carved within the walls serve the purpose of keeping the Quran and other books, seamlessly blending functionality with the ancient aesthetic.Floors adorned with soft carpets
Soft carpets on the floor provide comfort, yet their appearance resembles the hardened clay floors of ancient times.Perfectly carved doors, windows for an ancient look
Doors, windows, railings, and stair supports are all perfectly carved out of rigid wood, giving the mosque an authentic ancient appearance.Toilet, ablution areaIn line with the traditions of the past, the toilet is constructed a bit away from the main prayer area. However, the ablution area is within the mosque premises and is also designed to reflect an ancient aesthetic, from the taps to the seating.This mosque is located on Al Heera Street in Sharjah. Worshippers can step back in time and experience the serenity of the architecture of an ancient mosque.

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