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After the UAE experienced heavy rains in the last month, temperatures took a significant dip and pleasant weather lasted for weeks.

As the mercury begins to rise yet again in the Emirates, residents are hoping for another respite through rains. UAE’s weather expert ‘Storm Centre’, has put out a forecast for expected rains.

According to the forecast, the UAE will experience rains in the ‘last 10 days of March’. Storm Centre also shared a map with the forecasted precipitation, which can be seen below:

Lighter rainfall (between 10mm and 40mm) are expected in coastal areas. Heavier precipitation (between 50mm and 80mm) is forecasted in internal areas.

Abu Dhabi can expect varying intensities of rainfall with coastal areas receiving a total of 10mm to 20mm of precipitation and more internal areas receiving between 25mm to 50mm of total rain.

Dubai and Sharjah are forecast to experience a fair bit of rainfall even in coastal areas – between 15mm and 50mm of total accumulated precipitation.

Official forecast for the coming week

The National Centre of Meteorology has revealed its forecast for the next couple of days, below:

Sunday, March 17

The day will be partly cloudy, cloudy at times over the Island and some coastal and Northern areas with a probability of light rainfall. It will also be humid by night and Monday morning with a probability of mist formation over some coastal and internal areas.

Monday, March 18

The day will be fair to partly cloudy and cloudy at times over some Western and Eastern areas during the day. Light to moderate Northwesterly becoming Southeasterly winds will blow, with a speed of 10 – 20kmph reaching 30kmph.

Tuesday, March 19

Conditions will be partly cloudy to cloudy at times over islands and some northern and eastern areas by night and Wednesday morning.

Wednesday, March 20

There will be a decrease in temperatures – especially westward, on Wednesday. It will be humid by night and Thursday morning over some internal areas.

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